A Day In The Life!!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to just give an inside scoop on a day in the life of an attorney and the the crap we have to deal with on a day to day basis. People think that accident attorney’s is some piece of cake, where we just rack in the dough and sue the hell out of everyone that causes an injury. However, there is a lot more that is involved and I can definitely attest to the court drama that goes on here in the court room.

For example the other day, one of my cases involved a young woman who broke her arm during a turnover caused by a large oil rig. You would think that suing the oil company would be enough due to the large lump sum she was getting. However, this crazy and vengeful woman jumped over the barrier where the oil company truck driver was and punched him right in the mouth! We were all shocked about what all just happened and thank god the security was able to get to her quickly.

The funny thing was that the Judge was so angry and upset that she did this, he ruled in the oil companies favor and turned the case over! Yeah, so thanks a lot psycho girl for ruining a win but I guess its all in a days work. It is the days like this, that I want to just hang out at the bar after a long day and have some drinks with a  old friend.

Speaking of, I’ll probably give my buddy Emmanuel a holler. Emmanuel owns a successful cellular repair shop where he fixes phones and tablets. I used to always make fun of him for being such a geek however, he is now kicking butt and making some good money! The thing that I’m a little jealous of is that he doesn’t have to deal with the crazies! Anyways, we go way back since middle school and its always good to have a close buddy to share your day with along with an ice cold beer.


18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

A lawyer who deals with cases of car accidents has to be much focused while dealing with such cases. He comes across cases where the entire car is damaged and the driver is injured badly. In such case, mostly the victims claim a certain amount of money to be paid by the culprit. It is difficult to identify the real person behind the accident because the lawyer just has to support the party coming to him. Therefore, the lawyer has to fight to earn the plaintiff his right share of money. On the other hand, if a lawyer has to save a person from giving his share of money he puts arguments proposing that both the parties are responsible for this accident. Sometimes incidents take place in which occurs when an insured car of a plaintiff has been damaged or crashed. Now the client wants the insurance company, be it a bank or any other law firm, to cover his expenses of car as well as his medical costs. The insurance companies refuse to bear such huge amount of losses and in such a case the lawyers have to collect proof, necessary documents, witnesses to earn their client his due share of money. Fighting against huge insurance companies can sometimes be a bit risky for lawyers as they try to threaten the lawyers to keep them away from the case and also sometimes bribe them to drop the case. Insurance companies try to fool and fraud their customers at the time of need. In such a case, it is the duty of lawyer to inform the public about such a scam and fake company so the customers boycott them and hold the company guilty. An interesting case occurs when some person has deliberately, intentionally damaged, crashed or lost his car just to grab illegal money from the insurance companies. In such a case, fighting with either of the two parties is challenging. An insurance company’s reputation is at stake. Lawyers mostly have to face an ethical dilemma while handling cases but they have been trained to support only their client and try their best to win the case. Being a lawyer is a respectable profession and we respect these hardworking individuals who try to right the wrongs of the society, maintain and prevail justice in the society.


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